Job Satisfaction  & Productivity

Job Satisfaction & Productivity

With restrictions lifting in various parts of the world there is a very real anxiety about returning to the workplace versus (WFH) working from home.

Returning to work is a welcome direction back to normal life yet again. However many people struggle with job satisfaction which can lead to a noticeable decline in workplace performance.

"The Harvard Business Review recently published an analysis of various studies that showed an average of 31 percent more productivity and 37 percent higher sales when employees are happy or satisfied. Another study--this one conducted by economists at the University of Warwick--found that happiness leads to a 12 percent increase in productivity. It also found that unhappy workers are 10 percent less productive than content employees."

The responsibility is on both the employee and employer to bridge the gap. Employees want to increase their job satisfaction while employers want to increase their employee's productivity. It's a win-win situation in theory. Below are some ways everyone involved can get what they want.

For the Employee

Bring the best version of yourself- When you were hired to fill a position there was an expectation that you provide a service and be compensated for that service. Try and fully engage during the time you are at work and take care of yourself when not on the clock. Getting adequate sleep, nutrition and exercise as well as considering your mental health will help minimize the effects of work related stress and allow for you to tackle challenges. Putting your best foot forward will show your employer you have a vested interested in the company's performance.

Understand when you are overwhelmed- It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to impress your employer or to stand out looking for that next promotion. I promise you will not achieve this by burning yourself out. If your employer is filling up your plate make sure you communicate the tasks you are currently engaged with. If you find find your employer is taking advantage of your inability to say no make sure you both review your job description and make sure you are working within those guidelines.

For Employers

Trust Your Employees- When assigning tasks, do so with confidence they can achieve what is laid out in front of them. Micromanaging is one of the leading causes for job dissatisfaction. Instead of hovering over employees try this instead- communicate your needs and make it clear that if they need further direction that you are approachable for clarification and do so without judgement. Employees will feel much better about admitting if they are struggling if you remain focused achieving the goal by assisting instead of focusing on the negatives. BONUS TIP: If you have an employee that is struggling on a new task don't be afraid to pair them with a stronger experienced lead. The teamwork and benefit of learning new skills will boost their confidence and performance.

Everyone has defined roles- Uncertainty is a performance killer. If there is an existing structure of roles and responsibilities then do not deviate and expect results A, B, and C when the employee is designated for roles D, E, and F. If the structure is broken then re-evaluate and clearly define the roles and communicate so everyone understands.

Share the company vision with the employees- Honey bees are apart of the bigger ecosystem where everyone benefits. Show your employees how their hard work and dedication affect the company and show praise for their efforts. Employees will take pride in understanding how they fit within the larger ecosystem and seeing how they affect change.

In The End

Sometimes you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Remember, no one should spend their time being miserable in their workplace. If need be involve HR or consider the possibility this job isn't the right fit for you.